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721 Carpet Care 4 Litres


Combat odors, and more with Liquid Green 721 Carpet Care. Can be applied with a variety of carpet/upholstery cleaning equipment.

  • 100% Toxin-free
  • Efficiently emulsifies and removes oil and grease
  • Leaves no sticky residue behind to re-soil treated areas
  • No fragrance. No colour
  • No gloves or masks required
  • Non-caustic
  • Reduce ‘O’ rings replacement
  • Readily Bio-degradable
  • Remove stains, including pet, dairy, blood, ink, mildew and other allergy-causing residues
  • Superior efficacy
  • Use with sprayers or steam extractors.
  • Works on carpet or upholstery
  • No need for chemical pre-spotters.
  • Absolutely safe for sewers & septic

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721 Degreaser – 4 Litres



Military and Commercial applications | Parts and engine degreaser | Oven & grill cleaner | Floor cleaner | Brick and concrete cleaner | Remove oil and grease from mechanic hands | Cleaning of public transit | Boat and marine wash | Use full strength or diluted. Ideal for washable surfaces such as washrooms, tiles, grout, hardwood and laminate floors, locker rooms, fitness facilities, sports equipment. Use to clean up numerous spills including, coffee, wine, chocolate milk, urine, blood, etc.
Safe for people, pets and the environment. See dilution chart for instructions.

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Botanical Multi – purpose Cleaner 500mL


Botanical Multi-purpose Cleaner is a one-step powerhouse that cuts through oil & grease and makes cleaning easier. Eliminates organic odours, reduces the risk of bacteria and fungus on hard surfaces. Ideal for appliances, kitchens, countertops, shower walls, grout, greasy engines, brake drums, toilets, cat litter, pet odour, urine, fecal matter, and more.

Botanical Multi-purpose Cleaner – 4 Litres


A ready-to-use solution (no mixing required) that cleans to perfection. Leaves no streaks or chemical footprint. 100% toxin and fragrance-free, ideal for kitchens, washrooms, urinals, appliances, glass, mirrors, sports and gym equipment, garbage containers, shower stalls, soap scum, ink, light oil or grease, animal accidents and other organic matter.  4 litre fills 7 x 500 mL. Refillable bottles and keep one in the kitchen, basement and in the garage.   You’ve tried others, now make the smart choice.

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BugShot 4 Litre

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BugShot 4 Litre

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For cockroaches, ants, bedbugs crickets, silverfish, spiders, rice weevils and earwigs. Spray directly into cracks, crevices and behind shelves and drawers and other hiding places to flush them out then spray directly on the insect.


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Buy 2 get 3


Eco-superior cleaner. Use on all washable surfaces. for kitchens, washrooms, urinals, and appliances. Comes with 2 full 500 ml refill. Use to clean glass, mirrors, sports and gym equipment, shower stalls, soap scum, ink, light oil or grease, animal accidents, and other organic matter.
Super deal!

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Fruit & Veggie Wash + Preserver


Safely wash all fruit and vegetables to reduce toxic pesticides, post-harvest waxing and farm residue. Use even on organic or home-grown produce which may be exposed to animal or human contamination.  Liquid Green Fruit and Veggie Wash + Preserver can also be used for cleaning cutting boards. Contain no toxic chemicals. Not tested on animals. Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.

Available in 4 Litres/500mL

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Natural Soft Coat Pet Shampoo 500mL


A carcinogen-free shampoo with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial
properties from natural plant extracts.  This unique blend of botanical ingredients effectively reduces itching and scratching due to allergies, hot spots and dermatitis.  Enables faster healing of sensitive skin. No fragrance.

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Pet Stuff Cleaner & Odour Buster 500mL.

Absolutely no fragrance or toxins. Veterinary grade pet environment cleaning solution. Packed with nature’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties from natural plant extracts. Very effective for eliminating odour, cleaning pet accidents, especially cat and dog urine. Safely use in sensitive pet environs, reduces the risk of bacteria and fungus on hard surfaces. An excellent choice for cleaning exotic habitats, safe for people, pets and the environment.

PlantMate™ For Healthier, Sturdier Plants & Trees.


GROW PLANTS & FOOD THE WAY NATURE INTENDED…TOXIN-FREE!                  PlantMate is a non-carcinogenic and biodegradable plant supplement that mimics the action of fertilizers.

  • 100% toxin-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Increase root size
  • Protects against frost/freezing down to -3°C/27°F
  • Helps plants produce higher sugar (BRIX) levels
  • Plants are able to absorb more nutrients and water (critical in arid land areas)
  • Faster maturity, stronger, sturdier plants
  • Plants and trees are less likely to be attacked by harmful insects, fungi & Bacteria
  • Better tasting fruit and vegetables 
  • For use by homeowners, community gardeners and commercial farmers.

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Refill Spray Bottles

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Spot & Stain Remover and odour Buster 500mL.

Liquid Green Spot and Stain Remover effectively clean mishaps caused by babies or pets and other tough stains like blood, coffee, crayons, lipstick, tea, wine and most food and grease based stains. Restoring rugs, carpets, upholstery and garments to their original beauty. Ideal for touch-ups between major cleaning, no soapy residue. Spray on collars and cuffs before washing. For best results do not dilute.